2019 Artists & Exhibitors

Amazing...Incredible...such a charming show and a cute little downtown! The staff & all involved are wonderful people and the Artists are treated like Gold. I love showing my art here and hope to be back year after year!
— Gerri Pizzini's Jewelry

Festival Poster Artist

Jennifer Harper

Jenny’s journey to the present has been a very long and twisty road through many art related jobs, as a medical illustration assistant, book designer, book illustrator, and art teacher. She never really got to make art for its own sake, aside from college, until 2008. After teaching art for 3 years in an international school in China,She began to expand on a lesson plan in linoleum printing.

The more She learned, the more she wanted to know. Once her studio had more than a single press, she began to share her studio with the community. Open Press Group has now been going strong for 6 years and her personal work feels like it is just taking form.

“I’ve learned that printmakers are an inquisitive bunch, ideas and process go hand in hand. The puzzle is the game, how to get this idea from the brain to the hand. Also accepting that the result may be unintended, but possibly better for it.”

Feature Artists

This year's art festival is special,it represents a new era of Art in Central Florida.  Our community is bursting at the seams with creativity and what better way to show it off than by featuring Artists from the Central Florida area.  


Kimberly Miller

Kim found and continues to develop her voice through visual expression. The totemic sculptures she creates are influenced by the Modernism Movement of the early 20th century. Each sculpture is a collection of biomorphic forms used in a contemporary assemblage, then becoming a 3D canvas.

She believes that her work is a visual metaphor for embracing and celebrating individuality and diversity while creating interdependence and community. She hand builds each individual form with clay to represent a human characteristic. The incised marks offer a view of the emotions as she creates each piece and provide additional symbolism in the work.

Through her life experiences, formal education, and continued art practice, she has grown in self knowledge, and continued to develop her voice as an artist through abstract forms. While she personally celebrates and embrace diversity and enjoy interweaving a variety of people, creation of the totemic sculptures are symbolic, expressing her life choices through clay.


Emerging Artist


2018 Exhibiting Artists


Patrick and Hil-DeeBates     



Jason Parsley

Darryl Jackson

Jeffrey Prest 

Holly Deckard 

Melissa Wall

Drawing, Graphics and Printmaking

Nick Alexiades 

Chelsea Smith 

Marjorie Bowers  



Janet Herman

Gina Castle

Elizabeth Tullberg 

Fine Crafts


Deborah Hildinger 

Joel Lockridge

Wayne Gao & Michelle Chang


Peter Schoenly

David Leidy

Robin Sapp 



Deborah Barnes

Betty Bosworth

Jose Paternoster  

Julie Anstaett

Debbie Stillman

Gary Bobofchak 

Jenny Bowman

Barbara Boyce

Kathrin Schmidt 

Laurie Onufer

Jenna Hirt 

Rebecca Griffin 

Wendy Pobanz

Gerri Pizzini

Lynn Hardesty 


Wendy Foreman

James Whipple 

Phillip Hall

Paul Albritton

Mixed Media

Barbara & William Flood

Lori Platt

Parry Dolle 


Jeff Mann

Henry Warner

Drew Brass

Kim & Renee Pate - Max Van Fine Art


Karen Greene

Cara Van Leuven

Vladimir Pailodzevo

Barbara Batchelder 

Mike Brown

Lynn Ferris

Katie Phillips

Terry Smith

Jan Vermilya 

June Pryor

Carol Napoli

Robert Cornman

David Yuan

Curley Mill Studio

Sarah Jones

Photography/Digital Art

Kenneth Kudulis

Kyle Wilson

Chris Carr

Michael Carley

Ron Lake


Chuck Tripp

Michael Riley

Bill Squires

Robert Giles 

Neil Stetson

Tom Lowe