2018 Artists & Exhibitors

Amazing...Incredible...such a charming show and a cute little downtown! The staff & all involved are wonderful people and the Artists are treated like Gold. I love showing my art here and hope to be back year after year!
— Gerri Pizzini's Jewelry

Festival Poster Artist


Steven Paul Hlavac

Commercial and fine art photographer Steven Paul Hlavac received his BS Degree in Photography and Graphic Design from Florida State University in 1979. Steve established his first photo studio in Miami Beach as part of Art Center South Florida. Since moving to Central Florida in 1997, Steve has won numerous awards for his photography with Lake and Sumter Style Magazine, including a Gold Create Award for Best Overall Magazine Cover and recognition from the SPJ - Society of Professional Journalists. Steve's gallery work has been widely exhibited, including the prestigious Hortt Competition in Fort Lauderdale, the Bass Museum in Miami Beach, and Orlando's showcase art events, Nude Night and Snap! Orlando. His photo portrait of painter Carlos Alfonzo was added to the Smithsonian Institution collection as part of an exhibition on Latino Art in 2013.

Feature Artists

This year's art festival is special,it represents a new era of Art in Central Florida.  Our community is bursting at the seams with creativity and what better way to show it off than by featuring Artists from the Central Florida area.  

Space Shuttle_Chris Carr.jpg

Chris Carr

Chris Carr was born in North Carolina, but has lived in Orlando, FL for more than 20 years. He’s always felt a drive to create, and has done so via many outlets and mediums, but it was photography that captured and held his attention.

The search for unique perspectives that reveal something new in our environment drives Chris’ investigation of the world, his artistic eye, and his Puddle Reflections fine art photography series.

1000x750-fit (1).jpg

Robert Cornman II

has been doing some form of art for as long as he can remember.  Drawing with pencil or pen was his first love and passion.  

His paintings reflect a unique vision of movement and energy which is portrayed through a mixture of colors. They are created using acrylics on canvas and utilizing a technique of fusing colors to form different hues to produce a peaceful nature. Manipulating colors into movement through his imagination helps keep the viewer in a world between the fantasy of their dreams and true reality.


ZAPC_5843 copy.jpg

Phillip Hall

Phillip Hall currently resides in New Symrna Beach.  He creates beautfil pieces of wearable art by fabricating from raw materials such as sheet rod tubes. metals include silver,brass,copper,aluminum,bronze. plastics are usually acrylic. plastics are carved,laminated,ground and polished.heat formed.

Emerging Artist


Sarah A. Jones

I am the 16 year old girl with turquoise hair and a heart made to live outside the cramped box of conformity. I am a free spirit with desire to dig deeper inside the infinite body of creativity. In the 2nd grade I began to sketch, mostly doodles but by the 6th grade I started drawing portraits and since then I've steadily progressed. At first I used charcoal pencils but after a while I began to experiment with colored pencils and lately watercolors, psychedelic designs and themes that help to explain my desire to seek spiritual knowledge. I live in Plant City and travel two and half hours one way to go to Blake High School, a Magnet school of Arts, in Tampa. My plans are to work to get funding to go to an art college. 


2018 Exhibiting Artists


Patrick and Hil-DeeBates     



Jason Parsley

Darryl Jackson

Jeffrey Prest 

Holly Deckard 

Melissa Wall

Drawing, Graphics and Printmaking

Nick Alexiades 

Chelsea Smith 

Marjorie Bowers  



Janet Herman

Gina Castle

Elizabeth Tullberg 

Fine Crafts


Deborah Hildinger 

Joel Lockridge

Wayne Gao & Michelle Chang


Peter Schoenly

David Leidy

Robin Sapp 



Deborah Barnes

Betty Bosworth

Jose Paternoster  

Julie Anstaett

Debbie Stillman

Gary Bobofchak 

Jenny Bowman

Barbara Boyce

Kathrin Schmidt 

Laurie Onufer

Jenna Hirt 

Rebecca Griffin 

Wendy Pobanz

Gerri Pizzini

Lynn Hardesty 


Wendy Foreman

James Whipple 

Phillip Hall

Paul Albritton

Mixed Media

Barbara & William Flood

Lori Platt

Parry Dolle 


Jeff Mann

Henry Warner

Drew Brass

Kim & Renee Pate - Max Van Fine Art


Karen Greene

Cara Van Leuven

Vladimir Pailodzevo

Barbara Batchelder 

Mike Brown

Lynn Ferris

Katie Phillips

Terry Smith

Jan Vermilya 

June Pryor

Carol Napoli

Robert Cornman

David Yuan

Curley Mill Studio

Sarah Jones

Photography/Digital Art

Kenneth Kudulis

Kyle Wilson

Chris Carr

Michael Carley

Ron Lake


Chuck Tripp

Michael Riley

Bill Squires

Robert Giles 

Neil Stetson

Tom Lowe